Donating to Team C.O.B.R.A. 

Team C.O.B.R.A. Geocachers sells space on their website to local businesses to fund the purchase of unique cache containers and materials to place caches. The donation to place this ad is very small compared to other forms of advertising.  If you are interested in placing an advertisement on our page please contact us and a representative will contact you to discuss the process.  Our website address gets a lot of coverage around the Niagara Region.
---Our website is placed on every log we sign for other caches,---
---It's on every one of our own cache containers and logbooks ---
---It's on every cache listing page of ours.--- 
--- It's on every contact card we hand out.---

If you are just interested in giving a quick donation to help fund us read below...

C.O.B.RA. Accepts donations in 3 ways.

1: Paypal  - Click on the Paypal Icon to donate to us.

2: Cheque or Money Order - Made out to Adam Walsh and sent to the address provided on our CONTACT page.

3: Cash - Sent trough the mail to the address provided on our CONTACT US page. We don't think it is safe to send cash by mail so use caution and send at you own risk.