Team C.O.B.R.A. Geocachers

Team C.O.B.R.A. Geocachers are based in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  We started out as an internet gaming clan.

We were  based on the GI Joe series of the 80's and 90's.  COBRA is the ultimate foe of the GI JOE team: A ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule th world!  Led by the infamous Cobra Commander, COBRA would concoct evil plots to take over the world, only to be foiled by the Joe team time and time again. 

We started out playing the game Athena Sword running a co-op server. Eventually we switched to Ravenshield and ran 2 game servers as well as a Ventrillo voice server. We remained online untill October 2008 when we decided that it was too much of a drain on $$$ as well as our internet bandwidth.

During that time we discovered geocaching and decided to work it in with our gaming clan and started Team C.O.B.R.A. Geocachers.  We got some other clan members enjoying the sport and started our webpage for it and started placing caches.  When the clan dissolved we closed the website but continued to cache and place caches. Since I've had a bit of free time I decided to find a new host and rebuild a website for caching.  It's a ton of fun and we love it a lot.  Especially placing caches.  That's one of our favourite things to do. :)

We've got some great new ideas floating around in our brains and can't wait to get them out of there and into the world.  We enjoy meeting and hearing from other cachers so feel free free to drop us a line!


See you at GZ! Hope you're FTF!



Team C.O.B.R.A. Members

Storm Shadow (M - St Catharines,ON)
The_Baroness (F - St Catharines,ON)
Cobra_Commander (M - St Catharines,ON)
(C)Firefly (M - St Catharines,ON)
(C)Zandar (M - St Catharines,ON)
Misty_Lady (F - Niagara Falls, ON)
Bacon (M - Niagara Falls, ON)
Tomato (F - Niagara Falls, ON)
Stu-Dogg (M - St. Catharines, ON)
Mr.Invisible (M - St. Catharines, ON)